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Want to get rid of all that pain? Release years of pent-up tension? Push through to higher levels of performance? Enhance your athleticism? Or find even more power… peace… love… passion?


Through gentle, effective, and energizing Network Spinal chiropractic care you can achieve higher levels of health and vitality than you ever thought possible.

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She always took care of me with such gentle and patient tenderness. I have more fluidity and awareness in my body and spine because of the care I received.


My son absolutely adored Nicole. I highly recommend her for healing work. She is talented, caring, and enthusiastic about her life’s work!


Meet Dr. Nicole

Dr. Nicole’s personal understanding of the dynamic balance between deep healing and exacting performance allows her to bring new levels of expertise to athletic endurance and provides an unparalleled opportunity for Evolve Chiropractic Boutique to become a staple in the professional athlete wellness realm, so prominent in Reno today. She improves performance while ensuring the integrity and soulful connection of the mind-body stays clear, flowing, and full of ease.

As a former collegiate athlete, elite forest firefighter and Hotshot, triathlete and avid backcountry skier, Dr. Nicole Hickok has intimate experience with the often-demanding levels of physicality we ask out of our bodies.

Before graduating with honors in chiropractic, where she learned the intricate nuances of neurology and the brilliance of the human brain, Dr. Hickok studied the art of Network Spinal and received both Level 1 and Level 2 certifications in the unique, innovative mind-body approach pioneered by Donald Epstein. She is now part of an elite cohort of several hundred doctors nationwide who are NS certified.

“There is something innately magical about the care we provide: connecting to your body, releasing tension, eliminating pain… becoming aware, embodied and empowered… it can lead to deep levels of discovery, physical transformation, and improved performance.” says Nicole.

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