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At Evolve we are passionately committed to providing personalized, innovative, and revolutionary healing care. 

- Want to get rid of all that pain?

- Enhance your athleticism?

- Bring peace and ease to birth?

- Push through to the next level of performance? 

We have what you're looking for.

Using gentle and effective energetic bodywork, exercises, and processes we facilitate unparalleled relief and improved performance (athletically, intellectually, and emotionally) for prolonged, lasting results. 

Here at Evolve Chiropractic Boutique we offer a unique healing environment where community, creativity, and chiropractic collide for an experience unlike anything you've seen before...


Get rid of pain and start the road to health, happiness, and vitality, TODAY!

Why chiropractic?

Why Reno?

The Story of the Circle

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Real words from real practice members!
  • “This [chiropractic care] was an essential part of keeping my self in tune and available for the creative process I was in the midst of… I would recommend working with Nicole if you are an artist and you want to give your gifts at their fullest flow.”
  • “Nicole approaches the work with creativity and skilled technique. Sessions with her were always extremely effective at relieving chronic back pain. It was such a treat to get a session alongside [my husband] it really assisted in opening our hearts to ourselves and each other”
  • “Dr. Nicole is a special being who takes you where you need to be, finding the places in your body that need ease, light, and openness. She is gentle, warm, nurturing, while at the same time a truly REAL person… funny, playful, and gets right to the point in helping you find out what is going on in your body and mind. I love her!!” Bebe
  • “I would always recommend that all people, kids, adults, professionals, athletes, musicians… take a moment, learn and experience the Network care that Dr. Nicole can offer!”
  • “My son absolutely adored Nicole. I highly recommend her for healing work. She is talented, caring, and enthusiastic about her life’s work!”
  • “She always took care of me with such gentle and patient tenderness. I have more fluidity and awareness in my body and spine because of the care I received.”

Because when you're looking for better health, you'll find us.


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